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If you got driving violation, driving under influence of alcohol, holding your phone while driving, got into an accident or any other violation that got you guilty in court. -It might go on your driving record. A result of old suspension or Insurance gap or laps of your license and any points placed against you on your driver’s license. -It all become a part of your driving history and remain on your record for as long as 5-7 years.

In our office we deal with hundreds of clients that got a spike raised up price for their insurance due to the above violations, and within 2-4 months they are all able to get the best rates as nothing happened (as long as they still have their license)

  • States that participate in the Driver License Compact note out-of-state driving activity on your record as if the incident happened in your home state. The District of Columbia also participates in the compact.
  • On top of that, all accidents and insurance claims from the past 5 years will populate your driver history risk report.
  • Both reports will indicate to your insurance broker or agency about the rate of your insurance.
  • Our office specializes in helping drivers to get the right insurance quote.
    when you get a quote it based on 2 reports: one from the insurance companies and the other from the DMV. Even they have to obey the rules of reporting. We make sure they will! That way your report will be cleaned from any claim, point, violation, ticket or accident that reported wrong or in-compliant. Try our service and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to lower your insurance rate.

    Advantages of a Clean Record

    Auto insurance companies regard individuals with clean driving records as safe risks and reward policyholders by charging them as much as 25 percent less than a driver with a speeding ticket, according to Traffic School Online. Some insurance companies also reward a clean driving record with a lower deductible when your car is involved in an accident and “forgive” your first accident by not increasing your premiums.

    Financing your car may be easier, too, with a clean record. Lenders, like insurance firms, believe people with clean driving records are more responsible, so they tend to offer more favorable terms, such as a lower interest rate on a car loan. According to the Federal Trade Commission, rental car companies may disqualify you from renting if your driving record shows recent violations or accidents, while life insurance companies may cost you more if you have a DUI.

    Having a job to pay for a car or a vacation may depend on your clean driving record. Employers frown on poor driving records when evaluating candidates, particularly those that show a DUI. Your job prospects also will be limited if you want a career in law enforcement, a transportation-related field or a line of work that involves road travel. If you drive a company car, you may lose your job after a serious traffic conviction or after having your license suspended or revoked because of the associated increase in insurance costs for your employer.

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